Valencia1 Seed Health Collection RSS feed for public list Valencia1 Seed Health Collection A handbook of rice seedborne fungi by Mew, T.W. A protocol to determine seed storage behaviour by Hong, T.D. Agricultural experimentation : by Little, T.M. Ainsworth and Bisby`s dictionary of the fungi by Hawksworth, D.L. Alternaria: by Simmons, E.G. Basic plant pathology methods by Dhingra, O.D. Common laboratory seed health testing methods for detecting fungi by Mathur, S.B. Compendium of barley diseases Compendium of corn diseases Compendium of wheat diseases by Wiese, M.V. Containment facilities and safeguards: Detection of bacteria in seed and other planting material Diseases of field crops: Fisiologia vegetal by Devlin, R.M. Fungicides in crop protection by Hewitt, H.G. Global fungicide directory by Hopkins, W.L. Graminicolous species of bipolaris, curvularia, drechslera, exserohilum and their teleomorphs by Sivanesan, A. Guide to plant pathogenic bacteria by Bradbury, J.F. Illustrated genera of ascomycetes by Hanlin, R.T. Illustrated genera of imperfecti fungi by Barnett, H.L. Illustrations of quarantine pests for Europe: International rules for seed testing edition 2005 International rules for seed testing: International Workshop on Rice Seed Health; Manila, Philippines; 16-20 Mar 1987. Proceedings ISTA handbook on seed sampling Laboratory guide for identification of plant pathogenic bacteria Laboratory manual for fusarium research by Burgess, L.W. Manual de técnicas para el diagnóstico de las enfermedades de las plantas: by Sosa Moss, C. Methods for the diagnosis of bacterial diseases of plants by Lelliott, R.A. Methods in plant virology by Hill, S.A. Mycology guidebook Pictorical atlas of soil and seed fungi: by Watanabe Tsuneo Plant bacterial diseases : Plant pathology methods laboratory exercises by Tuite, J. Plant virology by Matthews, R.E.F. Quarantine pests for Europe: Seed health testing: Seed pathology Seed quality: Seed-borne diseases and seed health testing of wheat Seedborne diseases and their control: by Maude, R.B. The genus fusarium by Booth, C. The identification of fungi: by Dugan, F.M. The pesticide manual : The pesticide manual: The UK pesticide guide 2010 Ustilaginales of Mexico: by Duran, R. Wheat health management by Cook, R.J.