Ngabyisonga, C.

On-farm adaptability of four maize varieties under recommended cultural practices in the highlands of Rwanda - Nairobi (Kenya) KARI|CIMMYT : 2002 - p. 72-76 - Printed

On-farm trials were conducted in Congo-Nile Crest and Volcanic Highlands regions during 1999 to assess the adaptability of four improved highland maize varieties under recommended practices. The experimental design was a split. plot with cultural practices as main factor and variety as sub-factor. The varieties tested were Mugamba, Isega, Pool 9A, Pool 8A and farmer's local variety. The treatments of cultural practices were the farmer's practices versus the recommended practices. Statistical analysis of results indicated differences between varieties and between practices but not between farmers. Moreover, the interaction practice x variety was not significant. In Congo-Nile Crest region, the recommended practices out-yielded the farmer's by at least 1.2 t/ha while the improved materials out-yielded the farmer's variety by at least 0.8 t/ha. Therefore, farmers chose Pool 9A and alternatively Mugamba and appreciated the recommended cultural practices. Pool 8A was discarded because of its yellow grain colour. In Volcanic Highlands, however, the recommended cultural practices out-yielded the farmer's by less than one t/ha and farmers chose Pool 8A while Pool 9A ranked second. Thus, Pool 9A and Mugamba should be released for Congo-Nile Crest under recommended practices while Pool 8A and Pool 9A should stay the most popular varieties of Volcanic Highlands.



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