Bhardwaj, H.R.

Pioneer in Asia - Los Baños, Laguna (Philippines) PCARRD : 2000 - p. 604 - Printed

At Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc., corn breeding research is as old as the science of Hybrid Corn and is also as innovative as the latest in bio-science technologies. Crop research requires long term commitment with a vision. Researchers at Pioneer have been successfully breeding corn for more than 70 years around the globe. Pioneer currently develops, produces and sells hybrid seed corn in nearly 100 countries worldwide.|Pioneer corn researchers work towards a common goal of increased farmers profitability through developing higher yielding hybrid varieties adapted to varying corn growing environments, minimizing cost of production inputs and enhancing the value of the corn grain. Pioneer corn breeders work on unique challenges in different parts of the world.|Pioneer is committed to investing in crop genetic improvements by developing and/or acquiring and applying the leading edge bio-science technologies. This is illustrated by companies increasing investment in research, which totals more than $150 million annually. More than 900 Pioneer researchers at 140 locations in 29 countries work to develop superior crop varieties and hybrids.|Integrating new technologies for crop genetic improvements has been one of the key focus at Pioneer. Currently Pioneer has more than 1400 external research agreements and collaborations that can help us improve our core germplasm base. The recent collaborations with DuPont, Mycogene and HGS and many more will help Pioneer stay at the forefront in applying some of the leading edge technologies to develop seed products. The information gained through these collaborations will enhance our researchers' understanding of complex traits like yield.|In Asia, Pioneer is engaged over the last 20 years or so in developing improved hybrid maize varieties adapted to the tropical and subtropical growing conditions in the region with specific emphasis on resistance to various tropical diseases and pests, water and heat stresses, and for silage and food usage. New research is being focused at developing corn hybrids that produce grains with high oil for improved feed rations and controlling insect pests using new technologies.|Pioneer currently does business in Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, S. Korea, India and Pakistan. Product development and extensive testing efforts are under way in Vietnam and China. Pioneer's contributions to the increased corn productivity by introducing and promoting the use of superior hybrid varieties and providing lead in developing the hybrid corn seed industry in the region are very well recognized.|With its knowledge about the Asian seed corn market, product needs and the full scale capabilities to develop, produce and deliver the best products by deploying the state-of-the-art technologies, Pioneer is well positioned to help continue raise the productivity of Asian corn farmers in the 21 sI century .


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Tropical zones
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