Kraokaw, S.

Responses of open-pollinated and hybrid maize cultivars to N & P fertilization during recovery from drought stress - Los Baños, Laguna (Philippines) PCARRD : 2000 - p. 381-384 - Printed

A glasshouse study was conducted in 1993 to measure the response of applying 90 kg/ha of nitrogen (N), or phosphorus (P) at the start of recovery from drought stress in the open pollinated varieties Suwan 1 and Nakhon Sawan I, and the Pioneer hybrid 3264, which were subjected to limited water supply from 15 to 29 days after emergence (DAB). In a separate field study conducted in 1996, the cultivars Nakhon Sawan 1 and Pioneer 3012 were subjected to drought by limiting and withholding water supply from 7 to 35 DAB. At the start of the recovery period, 90 kg/ha of N, P, or a combination of both nutrients were applied to measure the drought recovery response after fertilization with these nutrients. Drought resulted in a reduction in growth, dry mass (DM) production and N concentrations in parts of plants grown in pots (at 29 DAB), as well as a reduction in P concentrations of above ground parts of maize plants in field trial (at 35 DAB) .Nitrogen and P fertilization resulted in an increase in N and P concentrations in plant parts at 53 DAB, and in water use efficiency and growth of maize plants in pots during a recovery period. Application of N + P fertilizers could restore growth and grain yields of maize crops which had experienced drought stresses in the field.


Agricultural economics
Drug plants
Seed production
Plant breeding


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