Maqbool, M.A.

Studying selection criteria and genetic variability for improvement of indigenous maize in Pakistan - Islamabad (Pakistan) : University of Agriculture, 2019.

Peer review

Maize (Zea mays L.) is short duration, high yielding crop, and it can be grown in both spring and kharif seasons in Pakistan. In current study white and yellow maize germplasms were compared for correlations and genetic variability based on different agronomic traits to define selection criteria for maize improvement. Significant differences were observed for yield and related components for entries, checks, all tested genotypes, yellow and white germplasm. Yellow maize genotypes showed higher yield potential compared to white maize genotypes because of more grains per row and number of rows per cob. Based on correlation and path coefficient analysis, yield per plant was proved as appropriate selection criteria for white maize whereas, yield per plant and grains per row were suitable selection criteria for genetic improvement of yellow maize. Total carotenoid contents of yellow maize were independent of the yield so, both can be simultaneously targeted for genetic improvement without paying yield penalty. However, further dissection of genetic variability in yellow maize germplasm based on provitamin A carotenoids is prerequisite. So, far as genotypes, 19189, 15159, 19201, 15018, 15216, 15170, 15155, 19196, 15318 and 19174 among white maize germplasm whereas, 14965, 14982, 19205, 15019, 14971, 15163, 15205, 24687, 15207 and 15194 among yellow maize germplasm were the potential high yielding genotypes. Findings of the study in terms of selection criteria and potential maize genotypes could be useful in different breeding programs for genetic improvement of maize.

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