Thematic Evaluation of Strategy A.3 : Preparedness for, and Effective and Sustainable response to, Food and Agricultural Emergencies Evaluación temática de la Estrategia A.3 : Preparación para Emergencias Alimentarias y Agrícolas y Respuesta Eficaz y Sostenible a Éstas - Rome (Italy) : FAO, 2003. - 68 pages - Printed - FAO Committee on Agriculture (COAG) ; Inf.11 .

Committee on Agriculture, Seventeenth Session. Rome, 31 March-4 April 2003.
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The present evaluation is the first in-depth review of FAO activities contributing to a particular Strategic Objective since the FAO Strategic Framework 2000-2015 became operational. Strategic Objective A3 (“Preparedness for, and effective and sustainable response to, food and agricultural emergencies”) has its origins in the dramatic increase in recent years of natural disasters and civil conflicts that have impaired or threatened food security for millions of people. The Strategic Objective covers FAO activities in four main components: disaster preparedness and early warning; agricultural relief; transition from relief to rehabilitation and development; and strengthening of resilience. FAO has been involved in addressing the needs related to food and agricultural emergencies since the early 1970s, especially in early warning and agricultural relief operations. The latter have increased dramatically in recent years.

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