Choudhary, M.

Soil bacterial diversity under conservation agriculture-based cereal systems in indo-gangetic plains - Berlin, Germany : Springer, 2018.

Peer review

In Indo-Gangetic plains (IGP) of India, natural resources (soil, water, and environment) are degrading under the conventional?till (CT)-based management practices in rice?wheat cropping system. A long-term field experiment was conducted to understand the soil bacterial diversity and abundance under different sets of management scenarios (Sc). The study comprised of four scenarios, namely, -Sc.I CT-based rice?wheat system (farmers? practice); Sc.II, partial conservation agriculture (CA) based in which rice is under CT?wheat and mungbean under zero-tillage (ZT); Sc.III, full CA-based in which rice?wheat?mungbean are under ZT and Sc.IV, where maize?wheat?mungbean are under ZT. These scenarios varied in cropping system, tillage, and crop residue management practices. Using Illumina MiSeq sequencing technology, the variable regions V3?V4 of 16S rRNA were sequenced and the obtained reads were analyzed to study the diversity patterns in the scenarios. Results showed the presence of 53 bacterial phyla across scenarios. The predominant phyla in all scenarios were Proteobacteria, Acidobacteria, Actinobacteria, and Bacteroidetes which accounted for more than 70% of the identified phyla. However, the rice-based systems (Sc.I, Sc.II, and Sc.III) were dominated by phylum Proteobacteria; however, maize-based system (Sc.IV) was dominated by Acidobacteria. The class DA052 and Acidobacteriia of Acidobacteria and Bacteroidetes of Bacteroidia were exceptionally higher in Sc.IV. Shannon diversity index was 8.8% higher in Sc.I, 7.5% in Sc.II, and 2.7% in Sc.III compared to Sc.IV. The findings revealed that soil bacterial diversity and abundance are influenced by agricultural management practices as bacterial diversity under full CA-based management systems (Sc.III and Sc.IV) was lower when compared to farmer?s practice (Sc.I) and partial CA (Sc.II) scenarios.

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Conservation agriculture
Zero tillage
Soil microorganisms

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