Borrero, J.C.

Genetic variances for tolerance to soil acidity in a tropical maize population - 1995 - Printed

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Maize (Zea mays) is grown on approximately eight million hectares of acidic soils, where yields are low because of the toxicity of Al and Mn and deficiency in Ca, Mg and P. A diallel study was conducted involving six soil-acidity tolerant and two susceptible segregating populations to identify superior germplasm with a view to developing cultivars for acidic soils. The eight populations and their 28 crosses were evaluated in seven acidic soil environments in 1992 (at Villavicencio, Carimagua and S. Quilichao, Colombia, and Sete Lagoas, Brazil). Tolerant populations averaged higher in yield (2.19 vs. 1.58 t ha-1; P<0.01), ears per plant (0.79 vs. 0.64; P<0.05) and ear height (61.6 vs. 51.4 cm; P<0.01), and lower in number of days to silk (68.8 vs. 69.7 days; P<0.05), than the susceptible populations. Mean squares of parents vs. crosses were highly significant for yield, ear height, and ears per plant, and significant for days to silk, indicating heterosis for these traits. Crosses between tolerant populations tended to yield higher (3 t ha-1) than those between tolerant and susceptible populations (2.4 t ha-1) and between susceptible populations (2.01 t ha-1). GCA was highly significant for all traits, but SCA was significant only for ears per plant. It is included that reciprocal recurrent selection would be effective in developing superior cultivars for acidic soils and that breeding programmes should include the resistant populations 90SA-3 and 90SA-4 or CMS-36 for yellow endosperm cultivars and 90SA-6 and 90SA-7 for white endosperm cultivars


Acid soils
Inheritance (genetics)
Research projects
Resistance to injurious factors
Tropical zones
Zea mays

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