Tefferi, A.

Survey of maize diseases in Western and Northwestern Ethiopia - Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) CIMMYT|EARO : 1999 - p. 121-124 - Printed

A survey study was carried out for four years (1994 to 1997) in western and northwestern Ethiopia to identify and prioritize maize diseases. Multi-stage sampling strategy was followed where zones and districts were selected purposively and localities, fields and plants were selected randomly. Results showed that turcicum leaf blight (TLB) caused by Exserohilum turcicum was the principal maize disease. Unascertained leaf spot (ULS) (Possibly Phaeosphearia maydis), maize streak virus (MSV), common rust (Puccinia sorghl) and ear rotting pathogens by Fusarium moniliforme and Diplodia Spp. Southern corn rust caused by Puccinia polysora in Gambella plain, bacterial leaf strip caused by Pseudomonas Spp in IIIubabur, eastern Wollega and Assosa and Sclerospora sorghi and Sclerophthora macrospora downy mildews in Gambela, Didesa, Bako and Dembia areas were found expanding. Corn stunt was important in Gambella, Didessa, Pawe and Fogera. The highest effect of TLB was site specific whereas the infection of ULS was variety specific which is serious mainly on improved hybrids. The infestation of MSV was spread to as low as 500m in the Gambella plain and to as high as 2500m in the Shambu highlands. The intensity of ear rotting diseases was also found to increase in the mid altitude warm humid areas of Didesa valley and Bako area. Therefore, results indicated that loss assessment and management studies shall be devised for the major diseases to keep stable and high yield in maize.



Gibberella fujikuroi
Plant diseases
Puccinia sorghi
Setosphaeria turcica
Maize streak geminivirus


633.15 / EAS No. 6

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